• How can I get a consultation?
    If you are referred by a physician, consultation is covered by OHIP. All visits, assessments, and ultrasound examinations are covered. The only services not covered by OHIP are the vein procedures themselves.
  • How much do the vein services cost?
    It's difficult to say - no two patients are identical.

    For injection of small spider veins (2-5 mm) with sclerodex, multiple injection sites are required. The cost generally parallels the number of injection sites, and the time taken. Typically, injection of spider veins in a single leg would be in the range of $150-$200. A procedure involving both legs might be In the range of $250-$300.

    For injection of larger veins with foam sclerosant under ultrasound guidance, the costs are higher, in part because of the need for ultrasound services. Typically, a single leg would be in the $400 range, bilateral injections might be $600-$800. For both sclerodex and foam sclerosant injections, unfortunately, HST applies.

    Single leg EVLT costs $2,700 . A bilateral procedure costs $4,800. These costs are highest for a number of reasons; firstly, there is the expense of the disposable laser fibre, the ultrasound services, and the high cost of the laser itself. For all cases involving EV LT, because there is by definition an objective finding of venous incompetence, there is no HST .

    EVLT is a significant investment, and includes the laser ablation of the saphenous vein, foam injection of the visible veins in the lower leg, and any touch-up of smaller veins that might remain, for up to 12 months after the procedure. (Perfection is never possible - but if a visible tributary was part of the reason for you getting EVLT, and it remains, we will re-inject it up to 1 year later, at no charge.)

    If you work on your feet, and need to take care of your veins without missing significant time off work, then you may be surprised that EVLT is the most economical solution. Depending on the physical demands of your job, single leg Varicose Vein Stripping surgery can mean 4 weeks off work, or longer. Bilateral procedures, depending on the bleeding, bruising and pain, can have longer return to work times. If your annual income is $50,000 per year, 4 weeks off work would cost you $4,167 in wages. Most patients who have EVLT miss no days off work.
  • Whats the recovery time?
    For injection with sclerodex, no time is needed off work - it's an office based procedure, and while the final results may take several weeks to be apparent, you could return to work the same day.

    For foam sclerotherapy and EVLT, the only day off work is likely the day of the procedure. The procedures are scheduled on Fridays, allowing the weekend for any recovery. the procedure is done in a clinic setting. EVLT is done under local, and takes 45- 60 minutes . You will leave with a compression stocking on your leg, to wear day and night for the next several days. However, you can go walk a few kilometres the next day if you choose. Most patients undergoing EVLT miss no time off work after their procedure.
  • I'm busy. If I want to take a serious look at this, how do we streamline the process?
    1. Get your physician to make a referral to our fax inbox.

    2. Call our reception or email at admin@endosurgery.ca and ask that we arrange a bilateral venous Doppler test for you (this is covered by OHIP) before your visit.

    3. Once we've arranged your test, notified you, and received the results, we will see you in the office to discuss the results, examine the veins, and discuss the options tailored to your goals, and your venous anatomy.

    Everything described above is covered under OHIP, and no additional fees apply.
  • Where can I get custom fitted socks or stockings?
    At Durham EndoSurgery Centre, we are qualified to fit you for custom compression garments, and in many cases can supply them the same day. If we have to order your product in, it will usually arrive within 7 days. Most third party Health Insurance plans include compression garments, with a yearly allowance for purchase of new items. We can furnish you with the prescription, the fitting, the product, and documentation for your insurance company.
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